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About Us:

We have over 37 years in wholesale, retail and logistics in the home furnishings industry.  High quality, style and value is what we offer – with prompt service. That’s just a little about us and we’re so much more!

Our full line assortment of furniture and mattresses is available for pick up, same-day and next-day delivery. Also, quoting real delivery times isn’t usually a problem because we know the inventory levels of most of our suppliers.

Domestic and international products from high quality manufacturers is what makes up our showroom, and we encourage special orders chosen from our wide range of catalogs.

Our in-store product assortment includes:


* Enza HOME Upholstery

* Yatas Mattresses and Bedding

* Imported and domestic leather furniture

* Reclining and swivel chairs

* Spring, hybrid, latex, all-foam and hemp mattresses

* Adjustable and space-saving bed frames

* Organic cotton and wool bedding

* Adult and youth bedrooms

* Formal and casual dining rooms

* Side, coffee, sofa and accent tables

* Home office

* Entertainment centers

* Lamps and decorative overhead lighting

* Area rugs

Our Styles Include:


* Farmhouse

* Neoclassic Contemporary

* Modern

* Mid-Century Modern

* Transitional

* Appalachian

* Mexican Rustic

* Traditional

All pricing is discounted from the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices.

Our Store Environment:

Your health is very important to us, and that’s why we use HEPA and UV air purification products that are approved as FDA Class II medical devices. They are used in hospitals, nursing homes and doctor’s offices for patient safety. They remove viruses, bacteria, mold and toxins in the air. You can also purchase personal air purifiers in our product line.

Our water purification system is state-of-the-art and removes chlorine, chloramine, odors, bad taste, algae, cysts, bacteria, viruses, parasites, hydrogen sulfide, pesticides and heavy metals. Enjoy our clean water, tea, coffee and snack bar in our client comfort center.

We offer you free design services including in-home. In addition, our “Wonder View” in-store kiosk, duplicates the “shop at home” online process, with our guidance on the spot including real-time availability.

Enza Wondersign

Floor Plan Assistance:

Help us help you with your home furniture layout design.

Please print our ¼” scale grid and measure your space before your visit.

This will enable us to help you create a beautiful and functional floor plan.