Enza Hybrid Yatas Mattress

Why buy a hybrid mattress? Enza's Hybrid Series mattresses, which are composed of various combinations of the most advanced spring, visco, foam, latex, gel and fabric technologies which are suitable for all kinds of body types and satisfy personal comfort and needs, provide an uninterrupted and unique sleep experience.

Spinal friendly structure eliminates strains in neck muscles and prevents head and neck pain.



  • Enza Mattresses protect the natural spinal curvature of the body and prevent spinal deformations by providing special support for each body type.


  • Positively affects your sleeping position and prevents muscle strains due to the pressure the mattress applies to your body.


  • Advanced design protects and correctly supports the spinal curvature and natural S-shape and prevents back pains, while supporting hip area and joints.


  • Adapts to body movements during sleep and positively affects blood circulation due to the pressure applied by the layered technology.



Individually pocketed springs are independently functioning, therefore minimizing motion-transfer. These springs provide excellent adaptation to different body types and provide accurate spinal support.

Our Feran Ice© technology provides the optimal micro-climate keeping the extra heat or moisture away from the sleeping surface while providing a cool environment for a better night’s sleep.